Code of Conduct


NEOS Group values and Code of Conduct

At NEOS Group, we are guided by our NEOS Group values. These values are the foundation of how we behave and interact with each other, our partners, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Together our values reflect the priorities of the business and provide guidance in decision-making.

Our Code of Conduct and other policies have been developed to align with our values to ensure that we observe the highest standards of fair dealing, honesty, and integrity in our business activities.


Reporting misconduct

NEOS takes all reports of misconduct seriously and uses a confidential, externally managed service to receive Whistleblowing disclosures. The service is confidential, and all reports received will be investigated thoroughly.

The NEOS Whistleblower Service is available to everyone, both  NEOS employees and those outside of NEOS, to raise concerns of suspected, or actual misconduct.

By reporting misconduct, you can help ensure NEOS is a safe place to work and is fair and honest in all its business dealings.



For more information about the NEOS Whistleblower Service or to make a report please contact: