Working at NEOS

is not like working at any other company you’ve experienced

The team at NEOS – from our engineers, analysts, service consultants and management – all share a passion and determination to continually improve the way insurance is delivered and administered.

It’s the NEOS Experience that makes us different and better. That’s why providing an outstanding service experience at each and every customer, promoter, insurer, adviser, team member and stakeholder touch point is so important to us.

Put simply, the NEOS Experience is:

  • The super-fast turnaround Experience
  • The not waiting to be asked Experience
  • The leaving no stone unturned to find solutions Experience
  • The delivering on promises Experience
  • The working with people you know and like Experience
  • The being consistent and reliable Experience
  • The open and honest Experience

Flexible working arrangement

We offer flexible working arrangements and allow our people to work between home and our CBD offices. Team members will also have the option to take public holidays at a time that suits them.

High performance environment

We seek to create a unique and diverse environment where our people can perform at their best and achieve lifelong goals.

9.5-day fortnight

Every second Friday is a half-day Friday. We know life is busy, so while we have a high-performance culture, we want to ensure that our people also have the time they need to be with their families or take the time for themselves.

Valued and trusted

We trust our team members to perform at their best and therefore we include bonuses in already above market remuneration. Even better, there are no annual company performance reviews.

Annual domestic NEOS Experience trip

Each year we offer our team members the opportunity to participate in life changing NEOS Experiences – these are multi-day special experiences where lifelong memories, learnings and friendships are created.

Lifelong learning

We encourage our people to pursue lifelong learning. NEOS actively supports personal development plans, informal and formal education and technical learning, combined with targeted work experiences.

Diversity at NEOS

NEOS recognises that diversity in the workplace promotes improved decision making, creativity and innovation and leads to better overall performance.

We’re committed to providing an inclusive work environment where diversity is valued. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences in gender, age, language, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, abilities, thinking and behavioural styles, educational level, professional skills, work and life experiences, socio-economic background, job function, and whether or not one has family responsibilities.

As NEOS continues to grow, we’ll continue to build an increasingly diverse workforce committed to excellence.

Want to join the team?

We’ll post all open job vacancies as they become available so keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities.

To get in touch with our team, please email:

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