Reporting on the NEOS Platform

Reporting is now available on the NEOS Platform


The new reporting functionality allows you to download reports about your portfolio, serviced by NEOS, across both NEOS Protection and Encompass Protection.

To access, just select Policy Servicing on the NEOS Platform homepage.



The reports currently available include:


Client benefit list

Details of all benefits submitted regardless of status (ie Declined, Proposed, Inforce, Cancelled).

Inforce list

Details of all “inforce” benefits.

Lapse report

Details of all benefits that have lapsed.

Renewal report

Details of all benefits which are due to renew shortly.

Overdue report

Details of any benefit where the status is inforce but a payment is outstanding.

Commission report

Details of commission payments at a benefit level – defaulted by commission payment runs.

Suspense report

All plans with suspense updates from our Service and Underwriting teams.

You can filter and generate reports based on:

  • Policy Number

  • Life Insured

  • Owner type

  • Smoker status

  • Postcode

  • Product

  • Cover type

  • Adviser

  • Waiting/Benefit periods

You can then download as either PDF or CSV files.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer service consultant or business development manager.


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